• Create large globally market, we can supply and serve.
  • Have great reputation sounds all over the region.


  • Franchising well known brands to the region.
  • Usage our experienced and well trained stuff .
  • Opening showrooms in different places in the region , have access to different retailers.

Corporate culture

ABTCO has been trading in different areas with large and vary scales of products but we were specialized in :

  • Cookware.
  • Home appliances and Home accessories.
  • Electrical home appliances.


Ahmed Balfaqeeh Trading Co. LLC.

Registered in Dubai, UAE, The company is owned by Balfaqeeh family investment group.

The company was established in 1994, with its head office in Dubai, and subsidiary branches in major countries such as K.S.A.  Djibouti and Yemen.

Balfaqeeh Group of companies consists of several companies that specialize in different brands of business. (Electrical wares, Electronics, Home appliances, Personal Care).

The Group is mainly involved in exporting, and importing of various kinds of non-consumable goods from the U.S. , Europe, Asia, China, Middle East and South East Asia and Africa.

The company has leverage on it distribution channel throughout Africa, and the Middle East.

 Balfaqeeh group is a well established organization with a significant market share in its main line of business.

The organization is well respected by the public as well as the government sector in Yemen, and the gulf region. We have dedicated storage facilities covering 5,000sq meters.

Our Group is the distributor/ agent of key brands :

  • Philips Lighting.
  • Philips consumers products
  • Philips Home appliances.
  • Panasonic Consumers products
  • Panasonic Air Conditioners / Refrigerators
  • Panasonic Personal Care
  • MoulinexHome appliances
  • TefalHome appliances, cookware.
  • GreeAir Conditions.
  • Super General Electric home appliances / air conditions
  • Sitram cookware.

Export channels

The Company export channel covers UAE, Djibouti, Eretria, Somalia, K.S.A. and Ethiopia via Jebel Ali Port. The network reaches major wholesalers in small and medium cities in the country. Direct distribution covers major cities and main ports in the Middle East and Africa.

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